Elkins Sheds Light on Why AireBeam Is A Growing Provider in Arizona

AireBeam’s CEO Ben Elkins aired on Connected Nation’s podcast on Monday, November 27 to discuss Arizona’s fastest growing fiber to the home and fixed wireless Internet service provider’s work in Arizona and key programs that are helping to increase Internet access for all. The Connected Nation podcast, hosted by Jessica Denson, is an award-winning podcast focused on all things broadband and is part of the Connected Nation nonprofit that believes everyone should have access to high-speed Internet.Connected Nation AireBeam Podcast

In this recent episode, Elkins shares his mission to bring fiber to the rural communities of Arizona with the capabilities of a massive ISP and the personality of a small-town organization. Elkins spoke to Denson about the wide range of groups AireBeam serves, the unique challenges of focusing on rural communities, and the importance of serving the modular home market (RV parks). He also touched on BEAD and ACP federal and state funding to support broadband access for everyone in Arizona and how it is making a huge impact on the people living there.

“The broadband infrastructure funding is a once in a lifetime thing. I can’t imagine something like this ever happening again,” said Elkins on the podcast. “So this is kind of like your one shot to do it right The funds are there and I think we in Arizona are implementing them very smartly so everyone can have Internet access, no matter what.”

Click to listen to the Connected Nation podcast episode entitled “This is a once in a lifetime thing.” A look into Arizona’s fastest growing fiber to home and fixed wireless provider.

About AireBeam

AireBeam was founded in 2004 and is one of Arizona’s fastest growing fiber to the home and fixed wireless Internet service providers. AireBeam is locally operated and proudly serves Pinal, Pima and Maricopa Counties, including Arizona City and surrounding areas. Their mission is to provide affordable and accessible Internet access to rural areas in Arizona. AireBeam is a subsidiary of Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC).