A Closer look at AireBeam's Broadband Label

To assist customers in better comparing and choosing services, the FCC will soon mandate that all internet service providers display their information on an internet “nutrition label.”

At AireBeam, we believe in simplicity and transparency, so we’re releasing our label ahead of time.

AireBeam Fiber

Why Does the Internet Need a Broadband Label?

The FCC mandates that the Broadband Facts Label (BBFL) be provided to you after entering a serviceable address and selecting an internet plan, including any upgrades or downgrades. The BBFL helps you understand the details of different internet service plans. It includes the following information:

  • Internet speeds
  • Monthly plan and price
  • Taxes and non-government fees
  • Typical charges such as early termination fees and one-time charges
  • Typical network performance, including speed and latency

Please note: The pricing on the BBFL and your bill may differ. The BBFL is not a quote of your monthly bill, and the monthly price on the BBFL does not include promotional rates. AireBeam is committed to ensuring the accuracy of your labels. If we discover any inaccuracies, we will update the labels as soon as possible.

What does the Broadband label look like?

AireBeam Broadband Label Example

To view available plans and their associated broadband labels, please enter your address.

Additional Information


Discounts and Bundles Disclosure

AireBeam does not currently offer mass discounts or bundle discounts with other services such as video, phone, or wireless services. For streaming options, please visit our partner company at streaming.airebeam.com where you can explore a variety of streaming options.


Viewing the Broadband Facts Label

To view the BBFL for AireBeam’s home internet plans, visit orders.airebeam.com and enter a serviceable address. Please note, the BBFL will only display after a serviceable address has been entered.


Why AireBeam is Implementing a Broadband Facts Label

The BBFL is an FCC requirement that aligns with AireBeam’s commitment to transparency in our pricing. The goal is to help customers better understand their internet services and pricing.


Accessing the Broadband Label

Starting August 1st 2024, you can access your BBFL on AireBeam’s website after providing a serviceable address and selecting an internet plan. The specific label provided at the time of purchase will be available in your online portal by the same date.


Price on the Broadband Label vs. Price on Monthly Bill

The pricing listed on the BBFL may differ from your monthly bill. The BBFL reflects standard pricing and may not include promotional discounts. Any applicable promotional discounts may change the price of the service.


How Speed is Measured

The speed data listed on the BBFL represents what you can generally expect to receive. AireBeam’s download and upload speeds are based on internal tests and reflect the wired speeds typically delivered to your home modem, router, or gateway device. Actual speeds may vary due to various factors. For best speed results, direct connect via ethernet cable to test your speed.


Accessing Broadband Labels

In compliance with paragraph 68 of the FCC Broadband Consumer Labels order, AireBeam provides a URL where you can download all our broadband labels in a spreadsheet file format. To access this information, please click the link below:

**Will be released October 1st 2024**


Latency and How it is Measured

Latency is the delay between action and response, such as the time between pressing a command in an online game and the character responding. High latency or lag can result in glitches, low frame rates, and overall poor performance. Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms) and is generally affected by the distance between the router and the server. The latency displayed on the BBFL is typical, though it may vary.


Consistency of Speeds Displayed on the Broadband Facts Label

AireBeam allocates more bandwidth than advertised to provide the best experience for our customers, even during times of network congestion.


Not Receiving Typical Speeds on Mobile Devices

Mobile data speeds can vary based on factors such as device models, distance from the cell tower, the number of customers using the network, the physical environment, and potential interference like radio frequency interference.


Definition of Download and Upload Speed

  • Download Speed: Measures how fast information can transfer to you over the internet. It impacts the time to download large files, update games, or load pages with lots of photos.
  • Upload Speed: Measures how fast outgoing information can transfer from you over the internet. It affects how quickly you can upload files or add attachments to emails.


Impacts to Speed

Several factors can impact your internet speed, including:

  • Selected internet plan
  • Equipment (router, modem, gateway device, laptop, cell phone)
  • Age of the equipment
  • Physical distance from the router or gateway device if using Wi-Fi
  • Wired vs. wireless connection
  • Walls or solid objects blocking the signal
  • Number of devices connected simultaneously
  • Number of people using the same internet connection
  • Interference from other devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, or baby monitors

Visit AireBeam Privacy Policy and AireBeam Terms of Service for more information. To place an order, visit orders.airebeam.com.

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