Terms and Conditions

AireBeam Terms and Conditions of Service

FIF AireBeam, LLC, a subsidiary of Fiber is Fast, LLC, on behalf of itself and its parent, affiliate, and subsidiary entities authorized to provide the services set forth herein (collectively, “AireBeam”) will provide its Internet access service (“Internet Service,” “Service,” or “Services”) to you, herein referred to as (“Subscriber”) in accordance with these terms and conditions, which terms and conditions incorporate and include the Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”), the Privacy Policy, and any separate billing or use agreement entered into by Subscriber and AireBeam, as such policies and agreements may be changed from time to time (collectively, the “Terms of Service”).

Subscriber’s use of the Internet Service shall be an acknowledgment that Subscriber has read and agrees to the Terms of Service and agrees that anyone the Subscriber permits to use the Internet Service will abide by the Terms of Service.

Failure to comply with these Terms of Service may result in suspension or termination of Service by AireBeam. IF SUBSCRIBER DOES NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS, SUBSCRIBER SHOULD IMMEDIATELY STOP THE USE OF THE SERVICES, and contact us at support@airebeam.com requesting account closure.

AireBeam regularly updates and amends these Terms of Service. Subscriber should consult AireBeam’s website at https://airebeam.com/terms-and-conditions to ensure Subscriber complies with the currently applicable Terms of Service.

Billing and Payments
Unless Subscriber’s Internet Service is subject to a separate billing agreement, including but not limited to a bulk billing service agreement, Subscriber agrees to pay all charges associated with the Internet Service. If the Subscriber is subject to such a separate billing agreement, the services subject to that agreement will be billed and paid for as set forth therein. Any additional services subscribed to will be billed and paid according to the terms set forth here.

AireBeam will provide Subscriber with notice of applicable pricing at the time the order is placed, including information regarding any special pricing or discount arrangements applicable to Subscriber’s Internet Service. AireBeam requires enrollment in its auto-pay program at sign up, which will authorize AireBeam to draw a payment monthly from the credit, debit, or bank account Subscriber provides for as long as Subscriber continues to be an AireBeam customer unless Subscriber unenrolls from the auto-pay program. If the Subscriber does not enroll in the auto-pay program, AireBeam reserves the right to charge a late fee for any payments made beyond the invoice due date.

AireBeam also charges a $2.50 manual payment fee for any payments mailed in or requiring an AireBeam Representative to process the payment on the customer’s behalf.

AireBeam will provide Subscriber with advance notice of any price change or fees or any new prices or fees. However, if the fee change was outside AireBeam’s control (e.g., increased governmental imposed fees or taxes), AireBeam may elect not to provide advance notice unless required by applicable law.

Subscribers are billed in advance for recurring fees and charges unless otherwise agreed to, and AireBeam’s services are provided on a month-to-month basis. AireBeam does not offer partial months of service. If the Subscriber requests to terminate service before the end of the billing period, the Subscriber will continue to receive service through the end of the billing period. Subscriber will not receive a refund for any unused portion of services.

If the Subscriber receives services subject to promotional or discounted pricing, the Subscriber will be responsible for the standard regular charges upon the expiration of the specified promotional or discount period. AireBeam does not waive its right to collect the entire balance owed by accepting payments for less than the amount due. If the Subscriber pays any invoices late or fails to pay invoices, then AireBeam reserves the right to assess a late fee of $15.00. Any fees or charges for late or non-payments are not penalties but are considered liquidated damages to AireBeam resulting from late or non-payments.

If AireBeam uses a collection agency or attorney to collect money owed by Subscriber, then the Subscriber agrees to pay the reasonable collection costs. These costs include, but are not limited to, any collection agency’s fees, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and arbitration or court costs.
If Subscriber fails to pay the total amount due by the date due, AireBeam reserves the right, in its sole discretion in accordance with applicable law, to suspend or terminate Subscriber’s Internet Service.

If AireBeam receives a chargeback from Subscriber’s credit/debit card issuer or with respect to any other payment method for any reason, Subscriber acknowledges that AireBeam has the right to terminate services immediately.

Access to Premises
By placing an order for service, Subscriber grants AireBeam the right to enter Subscriber’s property exterior and access the residence exterior to install, maintain, repair, or remove AireBeam’s property at reasonable times and upon advance notice to Subscriber. By placing an order, the Subscriber warrants either that Subscriber is the property owner, or that Subscriber has the authority to provide AireBeam access to the property.

Subscriber also warrants that Subscriber is at least 18 years of age and that Subscriber owns the premises or has received permission from the owner of the premises to make any changes to the premises needed to install the equipment and receive services.

Subscriber hereby grants AireBeam permission to install and is releasing AireBeam from any liability related to damages that the landlord may claim as a result of an alleged violation of Subscriber’s lease/rental agreement as it relates to the installation of internet services. It is also the Subscriber’s obligation to confirm that the placement of the antenna on the premises is not in violation of any restrictive covenants, conditions, or homeowners’ restrictions. If, after the installation, the Owner, Landlord, HOA, or other party require the connection to be removed, the Subscriber agrees to pay an additional $149 charge.

Subject to applicable law, all equipment that AireBeam installs in Subscriber’s home, including cabling, wiring, any backup power supply, optical network units, wireless routers, etc., remains the property of AireBeam. Subscriber acknowledges that they will use the AireBeam equipment exclusively in connection with the AireBeam Internet Service. Subscriber will not sell, lease, abandon, or give away the AireBeam equipment. Subscriber acknowledges responsibility for any lost or damaged AireBeam equipment, apart from normal wear and tear. Subscriber authorizes AireBeam to charge any equipment not returned or damaged beyond normal wear and tear to Subscriber’s account, and Subscriber authorizes any equipment replacement costs to be applied to any payment method on file for the Subscriber.

Subscriber Equipment includes any software, hardware, or services, including, for example, smart home accessories and devices, that Subscriber chooses to use in connection with the Internet Service and which are not provided by AireBeam (unless purchased by Subscriber from AireBeam). AireBeam is not responsible for the operation, maintenance, or functionality of any Customer Equipment Subscriber chooses to use in connection with the Internet Service. AireBeam does not provide technical assistance for any third-party hardware or software.

Subscriber understands and acknowledges that using the Internet Service to access the Internet or any other online network or service creates certain risks to Subscriber’s Equipment. Any software, files, or data may be exposed to viruses or other harmful features or enable other Internet users to access Subscriber’s Customer Equipment, software, files, or data. It is the Subscriber’s sole responsibility to take appropriate security measures when using the Internet Service, including securing Subscriber’s Equipment to prevent damage or unauthorized access by external threats such as viruses, spam, botnets, or any other malicious technologies or methods of intrusion. AireBeam has no responsibility and assumes no liability for the protections Subscriber may, or may not, employ nor for any damages that may arise from accessing the Internet. AireBeam has no obligation to monitor content; however, Subscriber agrees that AireBeam has the right to monitor the Internet Service (including but not limited to content and Customer Equipment as it may affect the Internet Service from time to time) in accordance with the Terms of Service, the AUP, and the Privacy Policy.

For content residing on AireBeam’s servers, AireBeam reserves the right at all times and without notice to remove, restrict access to, or make unavailable, and to monitor, review, retain and/or disclose any content or other information in AireBeam’s possession about or related to the Subscriber, Subscriber’s use of the Internet Service or otherwise as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, or otherwise to preserve the security of AireBeam’s network or AireBeam’s other Subscribers’ information.

AireBeam may, in its sole discretion, change, modify, add or remove portions of the Terms of Service at any time. AireBeam may notify Subscriber of any such changes by posting notice of such changes on its website at https://airebeam.com or sending notice via electronic mail or U.S. mail.

The Subscriber’s continued use of the Internet Service following notice of such change, modification, or amendment shall be deemed the Subscriber’s acceptance of any such modification.

Entire Agreement
These Terms of Service and any other documents incorporated by reference constitute the entire agreement and understanding between Subscriber and AireBeam with respect to the terms and conditions that govern the Internet Service. If any portion of these Terms of Service is held to be unenforceable, the remainder of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect.