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    You will be asked to provide electronic check or credit/debit card payment information when our scheduler calls you to schedule the installation.
    Billing address information is only required if the billing address is not the same as the install address.

    Note 1: The ability to achieve the advertised speeds is dependent upon many variables, some of which are your PC and how it is configured, the site that you are using to test your speed, wireless or wired connection, the time of day, the amount of traffic on the public Internet and more.

    Note 2: Commercial Direct AirMaxTM connection with Priority Queuing. Direct to fiber connection.

    Standard Installation: There are restrictions and limitations that affect AireBeam's STANDARD INSTALLATION, BILLING PROCEDURE AND PRACTICE. Click HERE to read about AireBeam's Standard Installation.

    Note 3: Commercial service plans are applicable if the subscribing entity is located in a commercial building and/ or attaches more than three devices to the AireBeam's Internet Service.

    No Show/Late Cancellation Policy: If our installer arrives within the appointed time window and nobody is at home to permit the scheduled installation to take place or the homeowner cancels, we may, at our option, assess a $25 "No Show/late cancellation" fee.

    AireBeam Equipment and Right to Enter

    1. AireBeam is a provider of Internet Access. We deliver our service to your property using microwave equipment which is mounted on or around the roof of your dwelling and powered (over a cable which AireBeam will install) by a power supply that is located inside your home. AireBeam loans this equipment to the customer and the equipment remains the exclusive property of AireBeam at all times.

    2. By placing your order for service and acknowledging that you have read this document, you hereby grant AireBeam the right to enter the exterior of your property at any time to maintain, adjust, repair, replace or remove our equipment. At our request, you agree to return our equipment from inside your dwelling, which may include:

      1. Power Supply

      2. Local Area Network Cable

      3. Wireless Router and Power supply

    AireBeam’s Standard Installation is performed as follows:

    Billing Procedure and Practice

    1. Customers are required to provide a debit or credit card at the time of order. Orders will not be processed without the card information.

    2. For new customer installations, AireBeam bills the card the evening before the installation for the 1st month of service and the activation fee then in force and corresponding to the service(s) ordered.

    3. AireBeam retains the card on file (securely) and bills the card each month on the service “monthaversary” at 6:00am in the morning.

    4. AireBeam emails a notice if intent to bill the card three (3) days before the bill date to the email address on file. This “heads up” email is sent so that you will have adequate time to put funds on your card (if necessary) so that you will avoid overdraft fees imposed by your card issuer.

    5. AireBeam emails an Invoice for the amount due prior to billing the card; When the card is billed successfully, AireBeam emails a payment receipt and an account statement.

    6. If the payment is declined, after three (3) days grace period, the account is temporarily suspended until the amount due is paid or payment arrangements that are mutually satisfactory are made.

    7. To update a payment method or make payment arrangements, customers may contact Customer Service at 520-233-7400 24x7x365.

    8. If you wish to dispute a charge, contact customer service or click HERE and fill out the dispute form and submit it. AireBeam offers a Satisfaction Guarantee.
      If you are not satisfied, use the dispute form. We’d appreciate you not initiating a chargeback. Chargebacks are not necessary. If we cannot satisfy you, our guarantee kicks in and we will refund the amount in dispute prorated beginning with the date that you first notified the company by phone or in writing.

    9. AireBeam does not offer partial months of service for fixed wireless broadband accounts. If service is terminated by the customer prior to the end of the service period, AireBeam does not refund money for unused service period time.

    10. In the event of loss of service or dissatisfaction with the service, AireBeam’s limit of liability is the amount of money paid for the service during the disputed period. Under no circumstances is AireBeam liable for consequential damages.

    11. The internet is a network of connections operated by independent businesses around the world, none of whom have any business or financial relationship with AireBeam and over which AireBeam has no control. Internet connections fail from time to time. If the customer’s need for internet is such that loss of service may impair the customer financially, then it is the customers responsibility to provide his or her own backup solution.


    1. We mount an antenna at a location on the roof that provides the best line of sight angle to our best signal tower. If there is wood available, we attach a mount to the wood with screws and then the antenna to the mount. If tile and no plumbing vent stack pipes near the location where we need to mount the antenna, we may attach to tile using a tile mount. If a plumbing stack is available where we need it, we may mount to the stack pipe.

      Note: We do NOT run cable through the attic or under the house because of employee safety concerns. We also to not “fish” cables through inside walls or under homes in crawl spaces. We will upon request, provide the cable so that the customer can contract with someone who will run the cable through the attic or under the house and/or through inside walls.

    2. We drill a 3/8? hole through an outside wall and “fish” the cable through the wall to the inside of the room on the other side of the wall.

    3. We caulk the outside of the hole and provide a finish plastic bushing over the inside hole.

    4. We provide an inside cable up to 10' long (longer cables available at 25 cents per foot) to attach to the customer’s router or switch or computer.Note: AireBeam offers wireless routers, with and without installer configuration, as an optional installation service.Click on this link to view and order a wireless router.


    1. Same basic restrictions as residential.  However, if you have a drop ceiling that does NOT have fiberglass insulation bats sitting on the ceiling tiles, our techs will run cables above the drop ceiling from the roof penetration entry point to you equipment connection location.

      • If fiberglass insulation is sitting on the ceiling tiles, personal safety concerns for our installer(s) come into play.  It is the installer’s choice based upon his assessment of risk if he can run the cables or if that task needs to be managed by the customer or customer’s agent.

      • If the installer makes the determination that he can manage the risk, there may be an up charge to cover the excessive labor cost.

    We can schedule custom installations with any or all of the following options. A fee may be charged depending upon the circumstances:

    1. Bucket Truck mounting on high locations or trees

    2. Mounting on an out-building with cable run to home in a customer dug trench.

    3. Supplying and installing a small tower or extended length (20-40') pole

    4. Inside network cabling – per location, fee quote basis.

    Customer Owned Equipment

    We understand that hooking up your personal owned equipment may prove challenging and we’ll be glad to help.  We charge $15 per device that we hook up to the network.  Network printers that need to be programmed to connect to the network and then configured on one or more devices counts as one device for the printer and one device for each device to which we have to connect the printer.

    I also warrant that I am at least 18 years of age and that I own the premises or have received permission from the owner of the premises to make any changes to the premises needed to install the equipment and receive services. I am granting AireBeam permission to install and am releasing AireBeam from any liability related to damages my landlord may claim as a result of an alleged violation of my lease/rental agreement as it relates to the installation of my internet services. It is also my obligation to confirm that the placement of the antenna on the premises is not in violation of any restrictive covenants, conditions or homeowners restrictions. If after the installation the Owner, Landlord, HOA or other party require the connection be removed, I agree to pay an additional $149 charge. I have read and agree to AireBeam’s Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy located on our website at airebeam.com.