Provide Better Customer Wi-Fi with These Four Tips

The ability to instantly access information and communicate with personal networks has become a must-have in modern life. Regardless of industry, a key driver of success is customer engagement, which can be achieved easily and cost effectively through free customer Wi-Fi. 

A better connection for your customers means better brand visibility for your business. Influencers want to curate and share their content quickly, without burning through their personal data plans. Customers waiting for service are happier and more patient if they can easily access games, streaming content, or social media to pass the time. 

In short, if you want to encourage great reviews, increase brand awareness, and solicit valuable feedback, provide a fast and reliable connection for your customers. Here are four tips to help your business avoid common challenges when offering free customer Wi-Fi.

1. Set your business up for success. A slow connection is worse than no connection at all. Customers expect fast and reliable Internet service. If you are experiencing unreliable speeds and connectivity, there could be a number of culprits: old equipment; out-of-date firmware; signal interference; placement of access points; or your router’s location. Take out the guesswork and view AireBeam’s suggested uses for each Internet plan available, or contact a representative for a Wi-Fi consultation, and ensure your customers connect quickly and easily every time.

2. Bandwidth matters. The more customers you need to support at any given time, the more bandwidth needed. This is increasingly true with the popularity of file sharing, video chatting, streaming content, and telecommuting. AireBeam is equipped to help you estimate your bandwidth needs based on the flow of traffic at your business. 

3. Secure your network. In order to protect both your customers’ personal data and your business data, your Wi-Fi network(s) must be secure. If your customers’ data is compromised while using your inadequately secured Wi-Fi network, you’ll face both legal ramifications and a PR challenge. Set yourself up for success by working with AireBeam to set the highest security protocols.

4. Create a separate customer network. If your customers access Wi-Fi through the same access point (AP) and network that your employees use to conduct business, you could be compromising your own confidential data. You can wall off your business network from your customers by creating separate access points via a virtual fence with Service Set Identifier (SSID) technology. You could also opt to install a Wi-Fi hotspot that is separate from your internal network.

By following these tips, you are on a well-built path to establishing a sense of security, great service, and positive experiences with your customers.  Choose business Internet done right—choose AireBeam.  Visit to place your order or contact us at 520-510-0909.