AireBeam News and Announcements

March 1, 2018: AireBeam Fiber Central Office in Eloy

March 1, 2018: Today, AireBeam completed the installation of its fiber central office in Eloy, AZ. The central office will be used to feed and control data transmission on fiber networks soon to be constructed in Eloy, AZ. To subscribe to the fastest Internet Service...

Jan 29, 2018 AireBeam Announces Fiber Optic Network

January 29, 2018:  Today, AireBeam announces that it has created a fiber optic cable network in Pinal County, AZ. The network today extends from south of 287 East of I-10 North to the area around Kleck Rd, then East to 11 Mile Corner Rd and on into Coolidge...

April 11, 2016 AireBeam Announces Service in Gila Bend

April 11, 2016:  Today, AireBeam announces that it has expanded its coverage area to Gila Bend.  Service is available in a 6 mile radius of town center and will be expanded soon to Paloma, Sentinel and 13 miles north on Highway 80 and 85. Service is available now!

3/30/15 AireBeam Announces 10gig Fiber Feeder in Arizona City

Mar 30, 2015:  Today, AireBeam announces that it has installed a 10 gigabit Internet fiber feeder circuit between Arizona City and AireBeam's data center in Phoenix where AireBeam's Internet traffic joins the Internet assuring fast internet service to AireBeam's...

1/15/15 AireBeam Announces Expanded Customer Support Team

January 15, 2015: Today, AireBeam is proud to announce that it has greatly expanded its support call center capacity.  This additional capacity is designed significantly improve access to customer service personnel and to eliminate service delays.  To read more about...

5/28/14 AireBeam Announces West Casa Grande Coverage Area Expansion

May 28, 2014: Today, AireBeam is proud to announce that it has expanded its coverage area to include the neighborhood south of Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf on Highway 84 West of Casa Grande at Guinn Drive, bounded by AZ 84 on the North, I8 on the south, Midway Road...

AireBeam Announces Maricopa Coverage Area Expansion

May 14, 2014: Today, AireBeam is proud to announce that it has expanded its coverage area to include the valley west of downtown Maricopa, AZ, bounded by AZ 238 on the North, the Palo Verde mountains on the East, Peters and Nall Road on the South and John Wayne...

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